Saichi Kawahara, known to family and friends as Uncle, is a musician of the traditional Hawaiian style as well as a remarkable storyteller. Several years ago, his students and band members realized that it would be valuable and appreciated by many to catalogue and record the stories and songs shared by Uncle Saichi. A committee was formed to organize a library of these and to gather and compile interviews of people in Uncle’s life who might have recollections and stories of their own about our dear Uncle. A professional videographer is in the process of completing a documentary film which will include interviews with Keola Beamer, George Kahumoku, Kau’i Kahaku on their relationship with Uncle. There are some unavoidable costs in the making of this film such as professional technical services and equipment, etc.

You can help perpetuate the culture, stories and songs shared by Uncle Saichi by contributing to this project . The plan is to result in a documentary which will be interview-based with supporting images and sounds from the Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band performances and other recording opportunities.

Ways to contribute to the Saichi Kawahara Legacy Project and/or health care needs: