Have you always wanted to learn to play the ʻukulele? Come join Saichi Kawahara for 8 sessions of fun and easy to learn group ʻukulele lessons.  His hands-on style of teaching will have you humming strumming in not time.  Not only will you learn to play and sing Hawaiian music, you will learn about the songs’s right history, its composer, its meaning, and about the artists who perform the songs
ukulele class
In the basic class you will learn basic ‘ukulele chords, vamps, strum patterns and other techniques as well as how to sing Hawaiian songs.

The intermediate class builds on what you learned in the basic class  You will learn to play more advanced chords, and how to use them in more complex songs.

No prior experience is necessary.  As a student of our class you are automatically invited to participate in our months Hawaiian Music workshops  Basic and Intermediate ʻUkulele Classes are held in San Francisco, Cupertino, El Cerrito, and Sacramento and new 8 week sessions start through out the year.  Contact us to find out when the next session begins and to sign up.

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