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The singular goal of our workshop is to teach you how to perform Hawaiian music with correct pronunciation, enunciation and phrasing of Hawaiian lyrics. We also talk story about the historical significance and kaona of each song so that even if you do not speak the Hawaiian language, you at least know about the music you are performing. It is of concern to us at Kapalakiko I Ke Aloha that you not only learn how to play the instrument, but that you also keep learning and enjoy playing for the rest of your life.  One of the great joys in life is to share with others what you learn.

The workshop offers you an opportunity to apply what you learn in class and to play with others that have high professional skills. The benefit of playing with people who are more developed helps you raise the level to which you aspire and excel. For those of you who come from other genres of music it’s an opportunity to see how your skills can be applied to performing Hawaiian music.

Our workshops are a give and take situation. We most certainly encourage you to start building your own performing library of Hawaiian songs, build your own CD and recording library of Hawaiian songs, and start learning about what it takes to set up a musical group. Although we will teach you how to sing Hawaiian songs, this is not solely a singing class. It is a Hawaiian music class, so you must be able to play an instrument.


All Kapalakiko ‘ukulele students are automatically invited to attend and participate in the Hawaiian music workshop. You need not attend all the sessions and everything is strictly voluntary. We do not discriminate re: gender, age, physicality, IQ, sexual preference, age, religion, race, class, etc. All we ask is that you have an intense desire to perform Hawaiian music well. Because we have space limitations at our workshops, participation is by invitation only.


Make sure you come to the workshop with your instruments, a 3 hole binder to hold your music/notes/charts, and a music stand. We highly recommend that you bring a working tape/digital recorder to record the sessions. You’ll be surprise how much this will help when you practice.  We have a few basic workshop rules.  They are:

  1. Be on time for the workshop.
  2. Turn off all cell phones.
  3. Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions or take notes.


This is our contribution to the Hawaiian community of which you all are a part  therefore there is no fee for the workshop. We expect everyone attending the workshop to help set up and break down equipment at our session to show your commitment and respect to Hawaiian music, to the Kapalakiko I Ke Aloha philosophy and to your fellow workshop members.


Sessions are usually held 8:30-11AM, one designated Saturday a month.


Contact us if you would like to participate in these sessions so we can add your name to our invitees.  You will then receive timely reminders of workshop dates, site locations and directions. It is your responsibility to answer all KHMW email so that we can get a head count.